Characteristic of Sapporo WiFi rental

Convenient pocket wifi rental "so far simple rental service of communications equipment which there was not" from one coin of industry low. When there is not net environment at the time of business trip destination, the use of PC and tablet in destination in conference room, it is simple service to be useful when we want to try new model.
Let alone Y!Mobile (Y!mobile), we handle various apparatuses such as WiMAX or tablet.
Therefore, let alone Hokkaido, we rent Sapporo WiFi to many of you with Kansai, Hiroshima, Fukuoka including Aichi, Osaka and Kyoto including Kanto, Nagoya including Tohoku and Tokyo, Yokohama of Sendai, Miyagi because it is available in various places throughout the country. You use com.

When we utilize pocket wifi, there is choice of the purchase or rental, but rental is predominantly more advantageous when we want to use in whereabouts.
For example, which rented pocket wifi at bargain rate in cases that give up during period before wifi environment of the new address being able to prepare to be transferred from case and the way which we want to use only for a short term to go on a business trip to district from Hokkaido to in fun, and want to use the Internet is convenient.
It is the biggest merit to be available in wide use from personal one to corporation.
We send out as soon as we have you propose from the Internet in favorite timing and file.
Because the system is such that rental fee incurs, only share on day when you used is available freely only when we use.
When you went to other districts, let alone use in Hokkaido, you can use in peace.
Of course we send to the cause of person living in area except Hokkaido in favorite timing. Let alone the use in 1 daily moving average, you can rent even the use every one month at advantageous rate.

Rental usage

  • As it is available from 1st, it is service that we want to use when we want to use and can rent.
    In addition, it is not requested at all during sending period at the time of return at shipment as we are doing day when terminal becomes needless and sent out with "period of use" after we reach customer for period of use.

    ■Return shipment is possible in letter pack after the use!

    After the use of terminal, return shipment is possible from post office of neighborhood or mailbox in "letter pack" bundled with.
    Return is possible in Tokyo and Osaka, Kyoto, Sendai, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, destination including Aichi everywhere in in business trip destination.

    ■On the day application until 16:00 ships weekdays

    It reaches in the morning on the next day if you can apply by 16:00 as on the day we send out if it is shortest, and way is inner.
    Even in the case of delivery to in fun, we can send on the shortest day after next.
    In addition, receiving that we put together at at-home time is possible as we can choose at the time of application beforehand in delivery time.
    Can appoint; time morning (until 12:00) from 14:00 to 16:00 from 16:00 to 18:00 from 18:00 to 20:00 from 19:00 to 21:00
    In addition, when, in the case of the use by business trip or sightseeing, you make a reservation beforehand, and please appoint the destination including hotel of accommodation,
    We can send to the destination that we appointed to arrival.

Application Shipment of terminal Delivery of terminal
Weekday 16:00
On the day The shortest: The next day (the way)
The shortest: The day after next (in fun) ※The way, remote island, a part are excluded
After that
Next business day The shortest: The next day (the way) on shipment day
The shortest: The shortest next day day after next (in fun) on shipment day ※The way, remote island, a part are excluded
Our site designation holiday   After the holiday
With shipment
It becomes.
The shortest: The next day (the way) on shipment day
The shortest: The shortest next day day after next (in fun) on shipment day ※The way, remote island, a part are excluded
-- >

Let's know convenience of WiFi!
Let's know pleasure of WiFi!

■Cafe and subway change quickly by WiFi rental in office, too!

We rent Sapporo WiFi if we use mobile Internet in business trip and trip for business. Please use WiFi rental of com! wifi to be able to carry easily is most suitable for attendant of sudden business trip and trip. As it is usable only when we want to use as it is rental, it is used by many people of corporation, individual! Sapporo WiFi rental. As the use only for the date when we want to use com from 350 yen ... a day is possible, it is most suitable toward the use in short term!
As a result of having performed user questionnaire, we introduce most use scene.

In fact, the use on work and business trip is used most.
As we can be connected to the Internet in favorite cafe and moving train and taxi, we can promote efficiency of duties.
We see one that enjoys tea break while using PC and tablet in cafes well recently.
If it is Sapporo, let alone the yard of Sapporo Station, cafe, shopping mall and the yard of subway, it is available in tunnel! Of course we meet needs of customer who wants to use in Tokyo and Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Sendai, station, airport, underground shopping center of major cities including Fukuoka.

As national cover rate spreads well about curious area, it is available comfortably in main major cities such as Tohoku including Sendai, Kanto including Tokyo, Yokohama, Saitama, Chiba, Aichi including Nagoya, Kansai or Hiroshima, Fukuoka including Osaka, Kyoto, Kanbe including Hokkaido.

■Because pocket WiFi is easily connected in Disneyland, the making of memory becomes fun!

We recommend pocket WiFi rental that trip, homecoming can use for a short term. Let alone theme parks such as Tokyo Disneyland or Universal Studios Japan of Osaka, we can enjoy the Internet in moving train and car by sightseeing in Kyoto without choosing destination, place including homecoming. If there is pocket WiFi, it is possible let alone email and Web in theme park even to post facebook, Twitter, memory of family on blog immediately.
As pocket wifi is available for a short term for the use, you add and the use in theme park and can use! We only have you return using exclusive return slip from convenience store of neighborhood and OK after the use in theme park!
With convenience to enter pocket, it leads to net immediately anywhere anytime! You can enjoy unusual trip in pocket wifi.

■It is recommended to use only for 1st of trial and the short-term use!

As term of a contract does not have restriction if it is pocket wifi rental, it is most suitable for use of trial before the purchase.
"We are wondering whether to say to Y!Mobile (Y!mobile) and all of WiMAX", "even Windows 8 and tablet terminator, smartphone are usable" which "we want to try speed and area a little" "You can plurally connect at the same time" Sapporo WiFi rental including "we want to confirm whether you are connected properly from subway and building on upper floors during run of train". Convenience that we only return if we test the use only for 1st by possibility casually, and com becomes needless is popular.
It is useful for Japan toward the temporary homecoming. It is available as soon as it arrived without Internet environment at the parents' house or hotel of accommodation!

Pocket WiFi rental makes an outstanding performance as pinch-hitter at the time of moving!
The Internet is usable immediately from the day when we moved! Troublesome provider contract and line construction are unnecessary.
As "pinch-hitter before the Internet of fixed line being opened," it is useful very much.
People connecting PC and tablet, smartphone, game console plural number number with one mobile WiFi router increase recently.

Even if pocket WiFi rental is hospitalized, of course what can use reading and email of homepage can spend boring time including video and game happily. We can send to hospital directly even if we will be hospitalized suddenly.