It is always Sapporo WiFi renntaru. Thank you for using com.

Sapporo WiFi rental. The year-end and New Year business in com and suspension of business are as follows.

December 27: Normal business

December 28: As it is the age last business day, we are as follows at available time.

Until WEB order - 16:00 Order after 16:00 becomes shipment on January 9.

Until telephone-adaptive ... 18:00

Until store receipt - 18:00

Apia receipt ... normal business

From December 29 to January 5: The year-end and New Year suspension of business

Only as for Apia receipt, it is from 10:00 to 18:00 for from December 31 to January 1

From January 6 to January 8: Regular holiday

January 9: Normal business

※As it becomes return with exclusive envelope, please mail after the use to the nearest post.