ゞ that we have had free interval slightly busily ('' ◇'')
In Sapporo, quantity of snow decreases more and more without snow being piled up for these past one week.

Use sled for meeting of nursery school,
When we pull place where asphalt appears here and there

If look at sled on the morning of today; ...






Hole was not crowded.







New article which we bought last week?

It is lie.
Would you know?
It shows importance of nursery school to pick up.
Is really toilsome;, wow.

We try soredemokochitora hard! !
Build more more nursery schools, and make near; and ... (tears)
And pour into garden same as two people; and ... (acute)

Sled was disposable
imakinanikaibai ebaeenya. . .
It is support shitekudasai in such Ruriko
It is ... sho with warm eyes


Such; was like this, and the year-end and New Year business schedule of our store already appeared.

One with plan to take advantage of immediately after the year-end and New Year holidays and age could become vacant
We are crowded.
As model which there becomes little has stock
I would like order early♪

And from 12/25 in part-time job Hokkaido job offer information
As you publish, please check that by all means!
... which recruits people working together♪
If may be interested; telephone kudasaine!