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"How do you break wifi rental Hokkaido-limited discount plan?"
Target rental product: WiFi, tablet, PC

   ※Target plan: Monthly 1, monthly 2, monthly 3

      ※Daily plan is excluded for application more on October 1.

We want to be wide ... and to know charm of Hokkaido! We help with business in Hokkaido and support Hokkaido life!
With such thought, we prepared for discount plan that was advantageous only in customer of the use by WiFi rental in Hokkaido.
Even customer coming from the Hokkaido outside applies sohenkyaku to in Hokkaido or store receipt by setting at the time of order automatically.
Please utilize Sapporo wifi rental.

"How do break?"; an example of plan

※Return charges of tablet, PC rental "fall how" and are inapplicable.
※It is plan only for sohenkyaku in Hokkaido.
※We are inapplicable when shipment and return are from the Hokkaido outside in area out of Hokkaido.
※Because it does not cost the postage, "we break how", and, in the case of handing over return at store, there is not no application.
※For more details, please feel free to contact.