Strong friend at the age of what-if!

"Relief compensation plan" always bears a part from repair charges and the purchase price for terminal when we meet no voice that "there should be!" during rental simply because it is WiFi router and tablet, PC with much need of carrying around, and total loss, theft, loss of terminal (system unit) occurs.

Do you know?
It is fact that repair of mobile terminal becomes unexpectedly often large.
For emergency, we recommend participation of "reliable compensation plan"!

Do you know that loss of WiFi increases recently? It should have closed as much as we lost weight small, but. . . . We should have been able to enter, but. . . . Cases lost in this increase.
In addition, as opportunities to carry including tablet and notebook PC increase, total loss by loss and water leak, damage increases, too and is the large amount of repair charges and terminal re-purchase by repair
Person who experienced unnecessary expenditure feels that there few yes.
If even business and sightseeing can join reliable compensation plan, it is available in peace anywhere anytime even if state generates emergency.

Reliable compensation plan contents

When total loss, theft, loss occurs during rental, it bears repair charges of rental terminal system unit, the purchase price partly to have you confirm relief compensation plan for use rental terminal.

Compensation planCompensation rateCompensation periodIn the case of indemnity in full burdenIn the case of reliable compensation participation
WiFi relief compensation plan300 yen / month (tax-excluded)During the month (daily ... end of the month)41,800 yen10,000 yen
tablet relief compensation plan400 yen / month (tax-excluded)During the month (daily ... end of the month)67,800 yen12,000 yen
Compensation contentsCover
 Total loss  Theft  Loss The rental terminal body (accessories, USIM card excludes)

By the reliable compensation plan use is careful

・Even if if this compensation service is the use in month, we use with monthly basis compensation rate how many days until daily ... end of the month
 It becomes adaptation of compensation, but, in the case of the use that we step over the moon, matches with payment on each use moon,
 Rate of reliable compensation plan pays the difference, too.
・Trouble by initial defectiveness during the use and deterioration does not become a target of compensation.
 We perform judgment of free replacement to the defectiveness situation in customer center.
・Reliable compensation service becomes the cancellation of a contract with rental apparatus return.
・Sapporo WiFi rental. The mobile WiFi router body handling in com becomes a target of compensation.
 Therefore such as USB cable, AC adapter, SIM card case (back) attached to in rental terminal
 About accessories, we do not become a target.
 We match loss, damage of accessories at the time of payment after return separately and request.
・When, in rental, total loss, theft, loss occurs, is Sapporo WiFi rental customer center immediately
 Please connect with (0120-961-704).
 We replace substitute rental terminal free of charge separately.
・About total loss, theft, loss that occurred during rental, submission of documents that is predetermined than us and report are necessary.
 In addition, depending on result of compensation adaptation examination, it may not become compensation adaptation.
・When it is not paid as adaptation of compensation
①When we are caused by intention, gross negligence of user, violation of laws and ordinances
②When we are caused by earthquake, eruption, wind damage harm, other natural disaster
③When there is not documents presentation necessary for compensation money request that we appointed
④When we are caused by riot by war, military act
⑤When it is revealed that false report was accomplished about causes
⑥When we are caused by seizure, the confiscation by public institution

List of indemnitiesIn the case of total amount burdenIn the case of reliable compensation participation
The WiFi body41,800 yen10,000 yen
iPadPro67,800 yen12,000 yen
USIM card3,000 yenThe outside that is targeted for compensation
AC adapter iPad use3,500 yenThe outside that is targeted for compensation
AC adapter Type-C2,900 yenThe outside that is targeted for compensation
AC adapter Type-B2,500 yenThe outside that is targeted for compensation
Porch300 yenThe outside that is targeted for compensation