We support company communication cost cut! Rental is cheap so as to use in a mass for a long time! Rental fee is up to 30% of OFF by combination of [corporation long-term percent] for corporation [corporation summary percent]

Available convenient WiFi rental prepares for various correspondence for corporation only when we want to use as much as we used!

Plan for corporations

Corporation summary percent

Gather up by monthly basis plan

We use more than ten
Rental fee 5% OFF
We use more than 20
Rental fee 10% OFF
30 use
Rental fee 15% OFF

※We discount by use number at point in time when we closed in the end of the month

Corporation long-term percent

By monthly basis plan

The from three months to five months use
Rental fee 5% OFF
The from six months to eight months use
Rental fee 10% OFF
The from nine months to 12 months use
Rental fee 15% OFF

It is very attractive by plan of "corporation summary percent" + "corporation long-term percent" two!

  1. Example 1) rental fee 10% OFF!
  2. Example 2) rental fee 30% OFF!
  3. Example 3) rental fee 30% OFF!
  4. Example 4) rental fee 20% OFF!

We discount for the use and use of rental to correspond to [corporation summary percent] [corporation long-term percent] as of the end of the month by monthly basis plan. Target rental product: WiFi router, ipad, notebook PC

※About monthly 1, monthly 2, monthly 3, campaign product, it becomes out of object [corporation summary percent] [corporation long-term percent].


■When is introduced in corporation which can issue estimate immediately, discuss budget; most presentation case for expense. Such a case is Sapporo WiFi rental. Please request estimate to com. We issue estimate at terminal which fitted request of customer. As request in business hours issues estimate immediately, please ask.

■When was troubled with introduction, can talk; is it "speed" to want to focus when want to use? Is it "communication area?" Or is it "rate?" When we were at a loss, the staff of experienced customer center consults for terminal which fitted needs of customer free. When we were at a loss, we rent Sapporo WiFi casually when we were in trouble. Please consult with com once.

■Business trip and going out that are sudden as busy member of society who can cope with sudden business trip and seminar immediately, sudden presentation and business talk are the belongings. As such a case, it often occurs that there are not sudden situation and arrangement. We rent Sapporo WiFi at the time of dispatch. Please ask to com. We send business trip destination or seminar venue to the destination of designation.

■WiFi terminal which we can change of terminal varies in correspondence area every carrier as well as cell-phone depending on the use situation. In addition, office work fees at the time of model change do not suffer from appearance of new model casually less newly with about 4-6 months because it is fast when high-performance terminal was performed lineup of as model change is possible either.

■We do not have any problem if we contract when people who can cope with the increase and decrease of the staff immediately increased, but it is to "cost" when users decrease by staff transfer if we cancel. In fact, it is fact that this management and procedure often become large encumbrance for company. Sapporo WiFi rental. As for use in com does not cost cancellation money at all, return is possible anytime. Only necessary number leads to cost reduction every month as the use is possible.

■Trial introduction is possible "Voice to be necessary hears WiFi from employee, but is really necessary" As for the thing that we want to examine before introduction that "at first we want to use by trial in knowing convenience, cost", various which "risk of contract is big for two years though we want to introduce". Sapporo WiFi rental. As rental by unit, rental in necessary day several minutes are possible for one month, com is most suitable for use of trial.

Unnecessary cost occurs without costing front-end payments or office work fee depending on the increase and decrease when we contract individually, and cancelation cost occurring when we cancel, and being able to cancel, and is there embarrassing case? As accounting processing is lump, and settlement is enabled when we perform rental to contracting, and only number that we want to use can contract with anytime, that used is managed is simple, and the use is enabled definitely.

It is often found to have to submit expense by the deliberation of budget when we are introduced in corporation. Please request estimate in such a case. We issue estimate at terminal to hope of customer, and request in business hours renting terminal does correspondence on the same day.

We support suggestion of terminal which we put together in exchange and use to new terminal if terminal of the use can have notification in the case of trouble, damage in exclusive customer center.

About payment

[we can request by lump by tightening on the end of the month]
Request is possible by lump after the end of the month tightening by application, return of rental terminal by department unit and personal unit. Of course collective application, terminal return are possible for general affairs, too. In the case of application by department, individual unit, we can send news email of application, return to general affairs, too.
[we can manage the increase and decrease in month well, too]
As it is request that we accept the use even if returned in the moon, Sapporo WiFi rents report of the use, request. We perform in com and only confirm the details of the end of the month.
[payment method]
Payment by transfer with corporation credit card or bill. We may include monkey by the prior receipt of money or deposit by application amount of money, number. In addition, you follow for our designated payment cycle about the date of payment, and please pay.

[customer using one of the first time]
Apply than application form. I would like three points of attachment of person confirmation documents of register certified copy, business card, person in charge.
  • Register certified copy (from issuance less than three months) of company
  • Business card (identification card) of person in charge
Identification card of person in charge, please use driver's license, resident's card other than business card. Please attach PDF or JPG file from the following application forms.
[customer using the second one]
Apply than application form. When there is not business within latest six months, I am sorry to trouble you, but I would like three points of attachment of person confirmation documents of register certified copy, business card, person in charge.

Application form

Estimate customer desired would like from inquiry form. Please refer to "Q&A about use of Q&A corporation" for the use for corporation. About rental product of use possibility, please confirm at "rental terminal". If there are any questions and confirmation on using, please connect with following customer center.

We answer question, question of rental contract for corporate enterprise immediately! Please feel free to contact from the following form.

Business hours from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Telephone weekdays 0120-961-704 (Saturday and Sunday, celebration holiday)

Inquiry form