Q1, please tell application method in corporation

As for the application in corporation, please see http://sapporo-wifirental.com/houjin-2/ A1.

Q2, please tell payment method by application in corporation

In the case of application in corporation, A2 is expected to pay in either of "credit card settlement with corporation card" "transfer to we designation account".
In the case of "transfer to our designated account," customer is responsible for transfer fee.
In addition, there are the use number and amount of money, thus, prior receipt of money and case asking for deposit (deposit).

When is issuance of bill Q3?

A3 sends bill by email (PDF) basically.
Of the original when wish to mail, please appoint mailing address address in the remarks column at the time of order.
We follow our request schedule in issuance of bill timing.

In the case of daily plan monthly 1, I send bill around 5th of the next month when I confirmed return.
In the case of monthly 2.3, I send bill around 5th in the next month of application.
Request timing may slip off when return and application are the end of the month.
If there is some ignorance point, dispatch, it is telephone, or I would like notification by email to us.

When is Q4 in timing of payment?

In the case of bill, A4 issues bill after the tightening on around 5th in the next month on the end of the month.
I would like transfer to designated account bill email te by 25th if it arrives.
In the case of the credit card settlement, it becomes the settlement after the application sequentially.
It takes time on around 10th.
Request from credit card company varies according to credit card companies of the use.

Is issuance of receipt possible Q5?

A5 is possibility.
In the case of the credit card settlement, we send by email (PDF) after the settlement completion.
Please note that you take time until settlement completion on around 10th.
In the case of dispatch, we look forward to notification separately.

In the case of application nearly the end of the month, it may be the next month.
At the time of application, please input the effect of receipt hope into the remarks column.
※Please let wanting person know the original by mail beforehand out of necessity.

What should the increase and decrease of use rental terminal during the continuation use do Q6?

The increase and decrease of rental terminal of the use is possible for unnecessary required by either method about continuation use corporations in total A6.
Gather at the time of request by personal unit on report ⇒ end of the month of the application / cancellation of a contract; to charge department from increase and decrease report, report department person in charge in during the month
It supports outbreak capital degree, our customer center interval and increase and decrease.

Is proposing over telephone possible Q7?

A7 is the result or sleeps. As it becomes only WEB application, I would like order from application for HP form.
As we heard consultation or stock confirmation before application,
You have you input, and please refer to telephone or inquiry form.

Does Q8 want to use even immediately?

As it is handing over of rental terminal that we follow appointed application method A8, time may suffer from application and confirmation in some cases.
We recommend application that we have the front beforehand.

Q9 wants you to change name of receipt

It is issuance of receipt with principle, corporation of name having you contract with A9.

How many things is Q10 available to?

Stock is limited, but A10 copes with number wanting about for stock.
It may be necessary to have period to prepare rental terminal separately beforehand in some cases.
In addition, please note that there is double that payment in installments produces by good balance of other use situation.

Is even the short-term use by events possible Q11?

A11 is, and, according to the in total necessary days, choose with the monthly basis continuation use, and can do. The use days are a few days, but please consult casually.