The rental starting date

The rental starting date is delivery date of rental terminal. Rental fee incurs from delivery date.
Hope on delivery date can be specified at the time of application. (limited to designation within two weeks)
When when delivery date is appointed, we put together on designation day and send, but there is not designation day
We put together on the date when the shortest delivery is possible and send.
※It is rental period with or without communication at hand during a certain period.
In addition, please be careful as you do not change on the rental starting date when customer is behind with receiving by absence.

Rental end day

Flow of return
It is the date when we had you send out in letter pack bundled with beforehand or customers on rental end day.
It is not day when rental terminal reached customer center.
We do acceptance day listed in delivery to home slip of baggage which reached us with rental end day.
Shipment day including mail (mailing day) does not remain for record, and please do not use method that wears, and cannot appoint day.
Rental terminal should be rental end day on the day before on arrival when we cannot confirm return shipment day.

Delivery indication of rental terminal

※Prior person who had apply sends beforehand having margin, but from application to delivery
 When it is latest, arrival may be late for the summer under the influence of the snow damage during period for influence, the winter season such as typhoons during period.
※Delivery becomes delivery in Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.
※Delivery date designation is available for designation within 14 days from application day.
 After it when wish to send, have file after it was 14 days ago, or please consult with customer center over email or telephone.

1.We usually include monkey from delivery WEB

Application Shipment of terminal Delivery of terminal
Weekday Until 16:00 On the day The shortest: The next day (the way)
The shortest: The day after next (in fun)
After 16:00 Next business day The shortest: The next day (the way) on shipment day
The shortest: The shortest next day day after next (in fun) on shipment day
Our site designation holiday   It becomes shipment after the holiday. The shortest: The next day (the way) on shipment day
The shortest: The shortest next day day after next (in fun) on shipment day

2.Inquiry correspondence over telephone
Ask at telephone window for from 10:00 to 19:00, and cope (cope on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays); (over telephone cannot apply)

Telephone window start time Telephone window end time Window holiday Remarks
10:00 18:00 We take a rest only on our site designation holiday
(we usually do business on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
There is period GW, tray period, year-end and New Year holidays separately on window holiday

3.Window delivery
After the application in WEB, application, receipt, return is possible at counter (from Sapporo Station a 6-minute walk) for exclusive use of the Sapporo city
Please confirm addresses of office with store receipt by "store receipt guidance".

Application Correspondence time Remarks
Weekday Receipt is possible in from 10:00 to 18:00 Application, receipt, return is possible at store
Saturday and Sunday, celebration Suspension of business  
Our site designation holiday Suspension of business  

News and slip number of shipment

As soon as is ready for rental apparatus shipment, to e-mail address of registration with the delivery date and time
We will tell about "slip number" of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd.

You can confirm the delivery situation of baggage for the cause with the slip number.
The delivery situation of baggage of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. and reference are as follows.

Delivery situation inquiry of baggage logo-yamato
(we can confirm the delivery situation of baggage, the nearest branch.)
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. reference 0120-01-9625
※In the case of 050IP telephone, it is 050-3786-3333.
(reception hours: from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.)

Delivery time

By normal delivery, we can appoint time you like in customers.
※As become delivery in possible delivery allowed time in Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., such as at delivery time in detail confirmation
 "Inquiry number" that is listed in "shipment completion email" sent by email from customer center
 After confirmation, please refer to Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. (0120-01-2625) directly.
[delivery designation possibility time]
 From 9:00 to 12:00 from 12:00 to 14:00 from 14:00 to 16:00. From 18:00 to 20:00 from 20:00 to 21:00

Destination designation of rental terminal

We send to the workplace, business trip destination of customer, the accommodations of destination and the destination that had you appoint.
We do not perform delivery by general delivery in airport and delivery to home suppliers.

Receipt of rental terminal

We put rental apparatus in the exclusive porch to the destination that customer appointed and provide.
Accessories, manual bundle equally, and, other than rental terminal to send, they add letter pack for return.
※Accessories or manual bundled by all means can enter exclusive porch, and please return
※It is not bundled "warranty" with rental terminal providing.

About poor rental terminal, trouble

After, about rental terminal which provide, returning product, including operation check
We make sure of management in reset of system unit, cleaning,
We accept the following case apparatus exchange after the application.
・Though service area is inner, we cannot be connected in outside. (we cannot click "connection" of HW utility button)
・After the connection, we are cut in a few minutes.
・PC does not recognize rental apparatus.
・We cannot install HW utility or driver in PC.
※We do not become a target of exchange about drop of transmission rate by band limit or drop of transmission rate by area environment.
In the case of poor terminal and trouble sorry for your inconvenience, but within three days from delivery date of rental apparatus
Please contact customer center.
As we send out terminal substitute than customer center on the same day, we bundle defectiveness, trouble terminal with substitute terminal
Please return by "slip for return" (cash on delivery).

About poor rental terminal, trouble

Returned goods after cancellation, arrival

About cancellation by one's own convenience of customer, rate incurs by the situation of cancellation and returned goods.
Unshipped: We accept cancellation without rate request.
Shipped: We demand the shipment postage and the postage for return.
We have been sent: We demand minute on the date until return shipment by the shipment postage and cancellation.
When we arrive for shipped application, it has been sent out or rate incurs by delivery finished.