Can Q1 propose over telephone?

A1: Over telephone cannot apply. Because they cannot hear personal information including credit card information orally, all the applications include monkey from WEB.

Are person confirmation documents necessary Q2?

A2: Person confirmation documents are not necessary in principle, but, in the case of application, please note that signature to receipt and the person confirm in the case of delivery of person and substitution with store receipt.

Q3 is resident in foreign countries, or can you propose?

A3: Application is possible from application for our homepage form in people resident in foreign countries. Please register address (the parents' house, company) of Japan with address column of customer. The destination of rental apparatus can appoint hotel and company address of domestic accommodations. (to airport we cannot send)
As all the correspondence over email and telephone becomes only correspondence in Japanese, in Japanese when cannot cope, may decline rental.

Q4: Is application possible other than the credit card?

As there is not settlement method except credit card, A4, please prepare for credit card of applicant at the time of application.
In addition, in the case of the use by credit card, there is examination beforehand. Please note that you may not use by examination.
(by cash we cannot pay)

Q5: Is credit card of overseas issuance available?

A5: Available. We can use the following credit card companies.

Q6: Is the use only for 1st possible?

A6: Rental from 1st is possible. On the rental starting date, it is delivery date (arrival at designation day of sending) of rental apparatus. Arrived; when return rental apparatus inside on that day, and send out, daily rental is possible.

Q7: Is communication of extension necessary?

A7: It is not necessary. Please return rental apparatus as soon as you become needless. Date (return shipment day) listed in delivery to home slip at the time of return is rental end day.

Q8: Is provider contract necessary separately?

A8: Provider contract is not necessary on using.

Q9: Is the use except Hokkaido possible?

A9: The use except Hokkaido is possible, too. Delivery charges at the time of shipment are different about delivery to the Hokkaido outside.
In addition, please note that you may not be in time for the date you like by the snow damage and weather.

AreaDelivery charges (tax-excluded)
WiFi: 1,000 yen (shipment + return)
Ipad/PC: 500 yen (as for the PC shipment +1,500 yen)
[the Hokkaido outside]
Aomori / Iwate / Akita / Miyagi / Yamagata / Fukushima / Ibaraki /
Tochigi / Gunma / Saitama / Chiba / Tokyo / Kanagawa
WiFi: 1,000 yen (shipment + return)
Ipad/PC: 500 yen (as for the PC shipment +1,500 yen)
Next day delivery designation convenience ※Only Tokyo address supports
WiFi: 1,500 yen (shipment + return)
Ipad/PC: 1,000 yen (as for the PC shipment +1,500 yen)
[the Hokkaido outside]
Yamanashi / Niigata / Nagano / Toyama / Ishikawa / Fukui / Gifu / Shizuoka / Aichi / Mie / Shiga /
Kyoto / Osaka / Hyogo / Nara / Wakayama / Tottori / Shimane / Okayama / Hiroshima / Yamaguchi /
Tokushima / Kagawa / Ehime / Kochi / Fukuoka / Saga / Nagasaki / Kumamoto / Oita / Miyazaki / Kagoshima
WiFi: 1,500 yen (shipment + return)
Ipad/PC: 1,000 yen (as for the PC shipment +1,500 yen)

WiFi: 2,000 yen (shipment + return)
Ipad/PC: 1,500 yen (as for the PC shipment +1,500 yen))

Q10: Does application number include limit?

A10: About case in stock, it is available. As stock has limit, please note that I may not give by stock status.

Q11: Is registration necessary for application?

A11: Sign-in is necessary before application.
It is convenient at all when we will have sign-in once in the application form as input is not necessary about confirmation of the past use and application from the next time.

Q12: Except Japanese can cope?

A12: By telephone and email except Japanese cannot cope.
In addition, we support which it is possible for beforehand for Japanese, and I would like application, inquiry as there is not WEB correspondence except Japanese when Japanese correspondence is difficult.

Q13: Is use of WiFi in foreign countries possible?

A13: Sapporo WiFi rental. All the rentals offering in com become only the domestic use. Therefore we cannot use even if foreign countries have.