Q1: When does it arrive when we propose?

A1: We send out by application until 16:00 by the end of the day on weekdays and can send rental apparatus in the shortest on the next day. In the case of shipment to the Hokkaido outside, it becomes delivery three days after application in the shortest (limited in Hokkaido).

1.Delivery by application from WEB

ApplicationShipment of terminalDelivery (the shortest) of terminal
WeekdayUntil 16:00During the dayThe shortest: The next day (the way) 
The shortest: The day after next (in fun)
After 16:00Next business dayThe shortest: The next day (the way) on shipment day
The shortest: The shortest next day day after next (in fun) on shipment day
Our site designation holidayIt becomes shipment after the holidayThe shortest: From shipment day the next day (the way)
The shortest: From shipment day the day after next (in fun)

2. Application, delivery by visit at window delivery WEB or store

ApplicationCorrespondence timeRemarks
WeekdayReceipt is possible in from 10:00 to 19:00Application, receipt, return is possible at store
Saturday and Sunday, celebrationSuspension of business
Our site designation holidaySuspension of business

About window delivery, can you go to get Q2: directly? Please refer to this.
We can look into confirmation of baggage in each delivery company from the following sites.
Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. baggage inquiry
Sagawa Express baggage inquiry
Yu-Pack baggage inquiry

Q2: You receive directly, and can you go to get?

A2: In the case of visit possibility, it is limited to our customer center office after the application in from 10:00 to 18:00 on weekdays and delivers rental apparatus in office.
You deliver at the time of application by all means, and, in the case of window delivery hope, please specify the effect desired.
In addition, only return is available for delivery to office, too. In this case I would like return after notification beforehand equally to customer center.

Q3: Will you send to accommodations?

A3: The destination of rental apparatus can appoint accommodations or business trip destination except home.

Q4: Will you send to airport?

A4: I'm very sorry. We do not accept delivery to airport. In addition, it is possible as there is courier service counter of delivery to home company at airport as for the return shipment of rental apparatus from airport.

Q5: Is office stopping designation possible to rental apparatus receipt?

A5: We do not accept "office stopper holder" designation to send out to office of home delivery.

Q6: Rental apparatus arrived, but did warranty not enter?

A6: I send rental apparatus without enclosing "warranty". When rental apparatus breaks down (only for normal usage), "warranty" is not necessary as we trade with equal rental apparatus gratis.
About return object, please confirm with paper about the enclosed "handling of rental apparatus".

Q7: Can you appoint delivery date?

A7: On delivery date, we can appoint to point for seven days from application day. After it when wish to send, please file after it was seven days ago.