Q1: Please tell return method

A1: In the case of rental, please return WiFi using "letter pack" enclosed in ⇒ rental terminal.
 Please return Ipad, PC to rental case ⇒ rental terminal using bundled "return slip" (prepayment).

・In the case of return, notification such as email or telephone is unnecessary.
・Manuals classify one set such as accessories into exclusive porch on return, and please return.
・As for the instructions by return thing or return, please see paper about the enclosed "handling of rental apparatus".
・Return by delivery to home, please appoint "arrival at day of the shortest" using delivery to home company (including Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., Sagawa Express) clearly stating shipment day.
・You do not mind return shipment in delivery to home company except Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. either, but rental terminal where record by "mail" does not remain is transporting, and please do not perform promising delivery such as damage.
・We add the postage of shipment + return with postage one package at the time of settlement after arrival of rental apparatus and request.
・When we are returned by method that we cannot confirm on return shipment day, it should be rental end day on the day before on rental apparatus arrival.
・When we have you return "letter pack" at the time of return in the case of rental in conjunction with rental terminal at store in WiFi, it discounts 540 yen at the time of payment after return.
・When we are returned by cash on delivery, we add the cash on delivery price at the time of payment and request.

Q2: Please tell return

A2: To the following address pass, and please return rental terminal.
4-10-3, Kita-9-jonishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido galleria building 2F
Sapporo WiFi rental. It is addressed to com customer center
TEL: 0120-961-704