Q1: Can rental terminal of Wi-Fi type be connected only by radio?

 A1: You can use rental terminal of Wi-Fi type by USB connection, too. As USB cable is bundled by attachment, you connect with system unit and PC, and please use.
※USB connection cannot play only the terminal of EMOBILE Ltd. GL01P
In addition, please confirm that the correspondence OS is equipped with by PC of errand beforehand. You can confirm the correspondence OS in each terminal details page.
About connection method, setting method of each terminal, please see bundled instruction manual.

 Q2: Which rental apparatus should we choose?

A2: Please choose in reference to the following. (please confirm specifications of each rental apparatus page in detail.)
・When transmission rate wants the fastest rental apparatus, we recommend "Pocket WiFi LTE GL01P" "ULTRAWiFi4G".
・When we want to be connected to apparatus (including iPhone, iPad) for Wi-Fi (wireless LAN), we recommend Pocket WiFi (GL01P / GP02).

Q3: When we use iPhone and iPad, which rental apparatus should we choose?

A3: Please choose GL01P, GP02 of PocketWiFi series.
PocketWiFi can have access to apparatus (including iPhone, iPad) and Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) for Wi-Fi.

 Q4: Is it available abroad?

A4: Our EMOBILE Ltd. rental apparatus becomes specifications that are not available abroad. Only Japan is available.

 Q5: Which way of "there is no or which there are protocol restrictions" in does connection of EMOBILE HW utility choose?

A5: Four profiles (connection) are set for EMOBILE HW utility beforehand.
It is in a condition that "(B) which there are protocol restrictions" in was chosen by initial setting.
Please connect connection with a choice of "there are no protocol restrictions"
・(B) which there are protocol restrictions in
・There are no protocol restrictions (please choose ← this)
・EM charge
Our EMOBILE Ltd. rental apparatus becomes able to connect "(B) which there are protocol restrictions" in in both of "there are no protocol restrictions". Please do not choose "My EMOBILE" and "EM charge". We cannot be connected to the Internet.
In addition, the following news is displayed at the time of EMOBILE HW utility start, but method not to let you display has two following methods.

1) About "each connection" under news screen please check "do not display after the next time".
2) In main screen of EMOBILE HW utility "setting…Optional screen is displayed when we click "button. You click "utility setting" of the left menu, and please exclude check of "we display news at the time of utility start".

Q6: Does the English version OS support?

A6: In the case of USB type, rental apparatus assumes the English version OS non-correspondence.
Even if the OS of use PC cannot install these Japanese connection tools and drivers in the case of English version definitely or we connect PC and rental apparatus, the PC side may not recognize.
As we cannot try the English version OS of various terminals, there are non-correspondence and circumstances doing as manufacturer of service provider.
We publish NETAGE according to this on non-correspondence and homepage.

 Q7: Is it available in basement of building?

A7: It is not more likely to be usually available as basement of building is place where electric wave is hard to reach. It is not more likely to be usually available as basement of building is place where electric wave is hard to reach.

Q8: Is Skype available?

A8: Available. But we are not good at video call.
Video picture breaks off without being able to secure bandwidth that Skype needs depending on the electric wave situation and time of place where customer is used, and quality may decrease.

Q9: How do you set Wi-Fi connection?

A9: Thing necessary for Wi-Fi connection,
1. We switch on rental terminal
2. We input password looking for electric wave of rental terminal with smartphone and PC
With the above it is the end. When we are connected once on the next time if we input
1. We switch on rental terminal
Communication is enabled only by this work.
Detailed connection method hopes that we are connected after reference and set bundled manual.

 Q10: Is online game possible in WiFi?

A10: It is available at all terminals.
But please be careful as speed to be available by environment (time, place, neighboring number of users) of the use changes.
In addition, we recommend that "descent speed" chooses fast thing if possible to have you use without stress more as transmission rate changes by terminal.
※Number can attain speed that big thing is quicker in.

Q11: What is connection number at the same time?

A11: It is to "being able to do it to several at the same time" or simultaneous connection number.
We use even iPhone if we contract apparatus of one Wi-Fi type while using the Internet with PC. We have nadono way of enjoying.

 Q12: What is offer (correspondence) area?

A12: It is available area of terminal.
Offer area varies according to each carrier, model terminals.
For more details, please confirm area of each terminal.

Q13: Is mobile communications available for the use in stable transmission rate anywhere?

A13: Stake, transmission rate may not leave for the following case connections even if we put in area.
1) Because mobile communications uses electric wave, cannot use out of place and service area where electric waves of shade, the mountains of tunnel, basement, indoor, building do not reach.
In addition, I may cut communication when we move to bad place of electric wave state during the use.
2) Because mobile communications adopts the best effort method, do not actually guarantee speed when connected with Internet.
3) As for the mobile communications, transmission rate may become slow by communication environment and the congestion situation.