Q1: Can you issue receipt by application by personal name?

A1: We can do it. Please input the effect of receipt hope into the remarks column at the time of application. As it becomes the settlement sequentially, after the settlement completion, please let me send by email (PDF) basically. We transmit to e-mail address that had you register.

The days until receipt issuance

Q2: I want receipt for expense settlement to company working at, is it possible?

A2: Possible. We cope by expense payment in company by application in individuals when needed. It becomes issuance by email (PDF) basically. As consultation is necessary separately when issuance by document is hoped for, please refer. Please note that you may have time until issuance as it becomes the settlement sequentially. Indication of delivery is usually around 10th. We send by email before application this month. Please note that application may step over the moon in the case of the end of the month. We click "receipt sample" this, and please see.

Q3: Are the details bundled?

A3: We bundle statement of delivery. As brand name, amount of money is listed there, I would like confirmation. We click "purchase statement sample" this, and please see.