We want to use the Internet anywhere anytime! It is simple and recommends simple rental service!

Sapporo wifi rental. What is rental service of com? We rent super-high-speed mobile communications by ymobile (Y!mobile), SoftBank, WiMAX (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access), NTT DOCOMO offer for country. If there are this rental apparatus and PC and corresponding apparatus, the Internet is available anywhere anytime. In addition, it is very convenient let alone short term as the use is possible even for a long term. *WiMAX is the high-speed wireless Internet standardized in IEEE standard norm 802.16e of international standard.

Sapporo WiFi rental. Features of com rental

When it is necessary anywhere anytime as it is application from the Internet, application is possible. Besides, accounts reliable in being payment for the true rental days when we return early from plan unlike rental site of other companies! After the contract including "office work fee" when contract with carrier as is rental "terminal price" "to tie up for two years at the time of contract" "cancelation cost at the time of the cancellation of a contract" many of you non-cheap; see, and contents bearing do not occur at all! Such a simplicity is evaluated and, let alone Sapporo, Hokkaido, rents Sapporo WiFi to Tokyo, Osaka and all of each places of the whole country from Sendai, Tohoku. com is used. As stock of various apparatuses is prepared enough including ymobile (Y!mobile), we are reliable!

Flow using rental

After having had application, we rent rental apparatus to the destination of hope of customer. If rental apparatus becomes needless, there is need to have you return in customers. > to see the details of flow using <

You have you choose rental terminal among application form in our 1 application site, and please file. As it becomes only the credit card settlement, please prepare at the time of application.

After the use of receipt / application for 2 rental apparatuses, we send out to the designated destination. We are connected immediately as soon as rental apparatus arrives and can use. Connection is easy, too.

Please return rental apparatus which became return unnecessary of 3 rental apparatuses. In the case of return, notification by telephone and email is unnecessary.

About rental extension

When we wish to extend product which we are already using by addition, customer of use of daily monthly 1 plan is doing for automatic extension basically. We settle by settlement method having you register share in the additional days if we can confirm the use of extension when we confirmed return in us. When we wish to extend long term in monthly 2.3, we come to have order for extension be addition. As we do processing for extension, it is telephone, or I would like inquiry by email at the time of order of extension to us.